Darbhanga division

In today's world, Darbhanga division has become a topic of increasing interest. Whether due to its impact on society, its relevance in the academic field or its influence on popular culture, Darbhanga division has positioned itself as a topic of constant debate and reflection. From its origins to the present, Darbhanga division has been the subject of study and analysis by experts in different areas, who have tried to decipher its multiple facets and understand its importance in the development of humanity. In this article, we will explore the different perspectives from which Darbhanga division can be approached, and we will analyze its relevance in the contemporary world.

Darbhanga division
Division of Bihar
Location of Darbhanga division in Bihar
Location of Darbhanga division in Bihar
Coordinates: 26°10′N 85°54′E / 26.17°N 85.9°E / 26.17; 85.9
Country India
DistrictsDarbhanga, Madhubani, Samastipur
 • CommissionerH. R. Shrinivas
 • Total12,652,797

Darbhanga Division is an administrative geographical unit of Bihar state of India, and Darbhanga city is the administrative headquarters of the division. It is a part of historical Mithila region. The main language of the division is Maithili. As of 2023, the division consists of Darbhanga district, Madhubani district, and Samastipur district.


Darbhanga district

Madhubani district

Samastipur district


Languages of Darbhanga division in 2011

  Maithili (65.03%)
  Hindi (20.04%)
  Urdu (13.97%)
  Other (0.96%)

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